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UCare First Floor Remodel

UCare is a provider of Medicare plans throughout Minnesota.

UCare recently hired Prime General Contractors to build out their first floor spaces at their headquarters. The existing 100-year-old building has rich and warm exposed timber with direct/indirect LED lighting throughout.

The project included new flooring, updating lighting, reconfiguring existing walls, refreshing the convenience centers, and installing KI demountable wall partitions. The project consisted of remodeling the entire first floor space which was 27,000 SF. Prime installed new all glass security doors within the lobby space, lobby, board room, offices, meeting spaces, two new restrooms, and cubicle areas. The space is controlled by a BAS system with FPVAV units for the HVAC.

The construction project was a success, completed on time and within budget with minimal impact to the owner’s daily operations.

Project Specs:

  • UCare First Floor Remodel

  • Project Size: 27,974 SF

  • Owner: UCare

  • Owner Representative: Cresa Minneapolis

  • Design Team: DLR


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