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Project Close-Out,

Startup & Commissioning

When every punch list item is complete, Prime General will review all submittals for compliance with the contract requirements. A list of all outstanding items such as warranties and certifications, as-built drawings and final lien waivers will be generated.

After all required items have been submitted and all work has been completed, we will review the final billing for compliance with the requirements of your contract, the general conditions, and specific requirements set forth by you, our valued client.

The efficient and cost-effective operation of a new building or new space is dependent on a structured and fully-developed program covering systems start-up and commissioning.


Your Prime Team will take responsibility for completing the commissioning program including the integration of all project systems. Your plan will consist of:

  • Approval of operational condition of all systems prior to testing

  • Testing all equipment and systems

  • Procedures for accepting the facilities and turnover for operations

  • Training owner’s facility management staff

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