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Colder Products Company - Walnut

Roseville, MN - Colder Products Company (CPC) quick connect and disconnect solutions improve the functionality and design of your equipment and processes. Special features include precise hose barbs for superior grip, built-in shutoff valves for preventing spills, and easy-to-use, push-button thumb latches for quick connections and – when you want it - quick disconnections.

CPC was in need of additional restrooms and break areas in their warehouse in Roseville, Minnesota. Prime General Contractors was engaged to build out 1,100 square feet of new amenities. The project included a new vestibule, two restrooms and a pantry/break room.

The project duration was seven weeks, completed on schedule and on budget.

Project Specs:

  • Roseville, MN

  • Warehouse buildout

  • Owner's Rep: 45 North Group

  • Architect: Pope Architects


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