Preconstruction Planning

Prime General Contractors LLC provides constructability reviews of all plans and specifications. Our recommendations increase the quality and constructability of systems, methods and materials.

We will provide detailed modifications that will better reflect common practices in the subcontracting marketplace. This familiarity and expertise both drives down subcontractor pricing and improves the work product.


Whether a "design-build" or "negotiated team" Prime General Contractors LLC understands owner-value is delivered by combining the strengths of the architect and builder at the earliest stages of design. 

Construction & Proposal Request Estimating

We begin by meeting with the ownership and architectural team to confirm the building program. Together we'll develop a detailed understanding of the  project objectives. It's critical to collaborate and assemble a baseline control budget utilizing a combination of historical data, subcontractor input and our own experience to understand the overall scope of work.

From the objectives subcontractor scope outlines are assembled. The pre-planning efforts noted above will deliver a higher quality, more detailed scope outline for subs. 

We'll consider design modifications, alternative materials systems and life-cycle cost analysis to lead the project toward a desired financial outcome.


This design-phase cost analysis provides the optimal approach to avoid unexpected costs and re-design efforts.

Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) Contracts

A GMP contract establishes a price for a specific scope of work, that cannot be exceeded. GMP contracts are used on fast-track projects or when the design is incomplete at the time construction starts.

Prime General Contractors LLC excels at leading GMP project teams. We emphasize collaboration with the design team from the earliest stages of the project.

Our objective will be to control building costs, manage scope and schedule, and value engineer wherever possible.

General Construction & Construction Mgmt

Good construction management is proactive. Prime General Contractors LLC emphasizes in-depth construction planning throughout the project.


We underpin the entire process with seamless communication, timely resolution of issues and a forward-focus to anticipate problems and take pre-emptive corrective action when needed.


Prime General Contractors LLC's objective is to minimize undue financial risk for you. This includes pervasive and continuous budget, cost and quality controls.

As your general contractor or construction manager we will do whatever it takes to meet your  project objectives.  


When every punch list item is complete, Prime General Contractors LLC will review all submittals for compliance with the contract requirements. A list of all outstanding items such as warranties and certifications, as-built drawings, final lien waivers, etc. will be generated for your review.


After all required items have been submitted and all work has been completed, we will review the final billing for compliance with the requirements of your contract, the general conditions, and specific requirements set forth by you, our valued client.

Startup &

The efficient and cost-effective operation of a new building or new space is dependent on a structured and fully-developed program covering systems start-up and commissioning.


We own this.


Prime General Contractors LLC will take responsibility for completing the commissioning program, specifically the integration of all project systems. Your Startup & Commissioning Plan will include  system testing through the entire range of functional and performance scenarios.


Your plan will consist of:

  • Approval of operational condition of all systems prior to testing

  • Testing all equipment and systems

  • Procedures for accepting the facilities and turnover for operations

  • Training owner’s facility management staff


Core Values

Family, community involvement, and achieving long lasting relationships. These values represent the foundation of our success.

Prime General Contractors LLC is a mid-size commercial general contractor based in Eagan, Minnesota.

Our industry-leading team has been serving our community for nearly four decades.We offer full service general contracting.  We establish long-term relationships with our clients based on value, trust and our ability to follow through and successfully complete projects.


Our experience, leadership and safety record in these industries affirms our dedication and commitment to our clients:

  • Healthcare

  • Senior Living

  • Non-Profit

  • Tenant Improvements

  • Warehouse/Manufacturing

  • Data Centers

  • Movie Theatres

  • Car Dealerships

  • Aviation

  • Schools

  • Restaurants

Leveraging Technology

Your Prime General Contractors LLC team leverages technology to better serve you. At the heart of our enterprise management system is ProCore. ProCore is the world's leading construction management software.


We also leverage On Center Software. This leading "take-off" software platform allows us to confirm the scope of your construction project.

We make the investment so your planning and all the details of your project are executed seamlessly and efficiently.


Our company is proud to support these vital non-profits in our communities:

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"I have had the opportunity to work with Prime General Contractors a number of times over the past five years and all have been positive experiences. From the President of the organization down to each Project Manager and Superintendent, all have been wonderful to work with. As a provider of services to General Contractors, our organization looks for clients who are good partners, clear in communication and expectations, meet deadlines, and are responsive when questions or needs arise. Prime General Contractors is all of the above. I highly recommend them and their team!"



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