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DiaSorin Third Floor Offices Renovation

Prime General Contractors DiaSorin Third Floor Office Tenant Build Out Refinishing Remodel Project Commercial Construction Building Renovation

Stillwater, MN - DiaSorin - The Diagnostic Specialist - is a global leader in the laboratory diagnostics market, specializing in the immunodiagnostics and molecular diagnostics segments.

Prime General Contractors renovated and remodeled the third floor office space of DiaSorin's Stillwater, Minnesota facility, a 130,000 SF multi-purpose building. The renovation included flooring, walls, doors, frames, glass walls, tile replacement in the drop down ceiling, lighting and wall coverings.

Traditional and modular office space, conference rooms, a large training room and the break room were all refurbished to provide a contemporary look.

Prime General Contractors serves as DiaSorin's preferred general contractor for all of their construction projects.

Inviting. Organized. Flex spaces. Natural light. Good esthetics. Modernized. Functionality. Prime General Contractors knows how to make commercial office spaces that ensure work environments are productive, efficient and optimized for success.

Project Specs:

  • DiaSorin Third Floor Office Space Renovation & Remodel

  • Guaranteed Maximum Price Contractor: Prime General Contractors LLC

  • Architect: hw2 Design

  • Size: 12,000 SF


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