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Construction Complete: DiaSorin Clean Rooms

DiaSorin - The Diagnostic Specialist - is a global leader in the laboratory diagnostics market, specializing in the immunodiagnostics and molecular diagnostics segments.

Portions of DiaSorin's Stillwater, Minnesota facility, a 130,000 SF multi-purpose building, were due for updating.

Prime General Contractors has completed the renovation of a 4,500 SF product development laboratory, remodeling 4,500 SF of office space, and remodeling two restroom facilities.

Prime General Contractors serves as DiaSorin's preferred general contractor for all of their construction projects.

Prime met the challenge of renovating a space that is being utilized during the makeover. Transitional occupancy is occurring rapidly as space after space is reconfigured. The Prime team has been fluid in their approach and has met the needs of DiaSorin operations.

Project Specs:

  • Guaranteed Maximum Price Contractor: Prime General Contractors LLC

  • Architect: hw2 Design

  • Size: 10,000 SF


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