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Commercial Construction Started: QTS Medical Device Outsourcing

QTS Medical Device Outsourcing - QTS provides assembly, kitting, packaging and sterilization services. The company serves as an outsource platform for the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. QTS makes it easier to get products to patients.

Prime General Contractors was engaged by QTS for a multi-phase design-build interior remodel of 50,000 SF of space in Bloomington, Minnesota. Included are restrooms, break rooms, and process areas.

The Design-Build project delivery method is desirable to Owners because it ensures the owner has a single point of contact and a single source of responsibility. Design-Build also ensures better controls as the cost and design parameters of the project are determined through the design process, not as a result of the design process.

Prior to construction Prime General Contractors worked closely with the design team and owner on the programming, master planning, schematic design, budgeting and scheduling.

All work is being performed while QTS remains in operation.

Exterior work includes re-roofing the entire building. This includes removing rock ballast and membrane, installing additional mechanically fastened polyisocyanurate roof insulation, and installing adhered 60MIL EPDM roof system.

To support current and future expansion additional electrical power is needed. Prime is collaborating with the utility company to add an 800A service in addition to the existing service.

Work began in mid-April, 2023 and is scheduled to be completed mid-December, 2023.

Prime met the challenge of renovating a space that is being utilized during the remodel. Transitional occupancy is occurring rapidly as space after space is reconfigured. The Prime team has been fluid in their approach and has met the needs of QTS operations.

Project Specs:

  • Guaranteed Maximum Price Contractor: Prime General Contractors LLC

  • Size: 50,000 SF


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