Minnesota Hillel | Johnson Family Center for Jewish Student Life 

In 2020, after 80 years on campus and 65 years in the same infrastructure, Minnesota Hillel underwent an $8 million renovation providing the University of Minnesota Twin Cities Campus a community with many new spaces for students to enjoy day-to-day.


Students can relax between classes in the fireside lounge or burn off some steam by shooting hoops on a Tuesday afternoon! There's tons of space to spread out, study for tests, or print papers due in 30 minutes.


All are encouraged to visit and allow Minnesota Hillel to truly be your home away from home!


360° TOUR

Project Specs:

  • MN Hillel House Renovation

  • Project Size: 16,690 SF

  • Owner: MN Hillel House

  • Owner Representative: Walker & Associates

  • Design Team: Momentum Design Group

  • Completion date: 9/7/2020

Quick Turn Renovation: Salvation Army Harbor Light Center - Safebay Area

Powerful recognition for Troy Corbett and the Prime General Contractors team follows. CARES Act funding made this Salvation Army project possible. It was a quick-turn project renovating the Safebay Area of the Salvation Army Harbor Light Center in Minneapolis.

This project was initiated in late November of 2020 and completed late in January of 2021. That's six working weeks! Congratulations to our team! We are a critical partner with the Salvation Army assuring they can meet the needs of their clients.

Watch this inspiring open house video - worth the 30 minutes - featuring project partners for the renovated Safebay Area at Harbor Light Center (HLC) in Minneapolis.


This is a significant, high-impact project completed in record time!

Before Bunks

After Bunks II

After Bunks I

Before Intake Area

After Intake Area

Before Bathroom II

Before Bathroom I

After Bathroom I

After Bathroom III

After Bathroom II

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