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Minnesota Hillel | Johnson Family Center for Jewish Student Life

In 2020, after 80 years on campus and 65 years in the same infrastructure, Minnesota Hillel underwent an $8 million renovation providing the University of Minnesota Twin Cities Campus a community with many new spaces for students to enjoy day-to-day.

Students can relax between classes in the fireside lounge or burn off some steam by shooting hoops on a Tuesday afternoon! There's tons of space to spread out, study for tests, or print papers due in 30 minutes.

“All are encouraged to visit and allow Minnesota Hillel to truly be your home away from home!”

Project Specs:

  • MN Hillel House Renovation

  • Project Size: 16,690 SF

  • Owner: MN Hillel House

  • Owner Representative: Walker & Associates

  • Design Team: Momentum Design Group


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