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Rosedale Chevrolet

As the Twin Cities’ fastest growing Chevrolet dealership, offering both new and pre-owned automobiles, image is important to Rosedale Chevrolet. To that end, this dealership hired Prime General Contractors LLC to remodel their facility per Chevrolet’s National Design standards.

The project, which included multiple phases to keep the dealership operational throughout construction, consisted of exterior window and metal panel upgrades to meet the new branding standard of Chevrolet (silver and blue color palette with clear vision windows). Prime General Contractors LLC also upgraded the service drive aisle to ensure improved lighting including the ability to bring in outside light to brighten the space. The showroom floor was upgraded with clear glass, new LED lighting as well as improved floor wall and ceiling finishes. The back office functions of the facility (employee lounge, vending area and offices) were also upgraded with new finishes. Finally, mechanical and electrical upgrades were made throughout the structure.

This project, completed on time and on budget, is the second of its kind completed by Prime General Contractors LLC for the Metropolitan Corporation, the building owner and a major owner of car dealerships in the Minnesota market. The project was designed locally by Pope Associates, using the current design development guidelines as prepared by Chevrolet’s corporate architect Gensler Design.

Project Specs:

  • Project size: 11,485 SF

  • Engineer: Clark Engineering

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