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Impact Connects

Impact Connects delivers marketing that presents the right offer to the right audience at the right time. They provide analysis-driven audience selection & expert strategy to connect you to your customers and

deliver great results.

Impact Connects provides fulfillment services via direct mail and packages to targeted or mass mailings. The company's services requires substantial amounts of workspace. Prime General Contractors was engaged to repurpose and build out a voluminous amount of warehouse space. This included a full retrofit of the surfaces in the spaces - flooring, walls, ventilation and ceiling.

The existing roof was unable to support the necessary HVAC systems for the space so the giant HVAC systems were installed at ground level.

Project Specs:

  • Impact Connects Repurpose/Refurbish

  • Architect: Pope Architects

  • Project Size: 17,000 SF

  • Owner: Impact Connects


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