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Complete: Bentson Assisted Living Building Window Replacement

St. Paul, MN - The Bentson Family Assisted Living Building engaged Prime General Contractors to provide design-build services to remove and replace the existing double hung aluminum windows with new fiberglass windows.

The building's owner, Sholom Community Alliance, was experiencing challenges procuring parts for the existing windows. In addition, fighting frost build up on the windows during the winter months was becoming a problem. It was decided the windows had reached the extent of their service life.

Prime General Contractors worked with the Owner and Intertek to identify proper replacement windows. Intertek also provided design services for drawings and detailing for the window replacement. Scope was determined to include:

  • Removal of the existing sheetrock at the interior perimeter of the windows.

  • Salvaging the existing solid surface sills and window treatments.

  • Removal of existing windows from the interior.

  • Installing new windows.

  • Repairing drywall and paint.

  • Reinstallation of the existing solid surface sills and window treatments.

  • During construction poly barriers, carpet protection and fall protection were utilized to keep the trades safe and assist with dust control.

The work was completed while the resident units were occupied. Communication was a key component of the project. Sholom and Prime collaborated to assure tenant safety while work was underway and provide access to each unit as work progressed.

All work was performed with no closure of living spaces. Owner, tenant and worker communication was critical for safety and success. Prime General Contractors met the challenge!"

Project Information:

  • Owner: Sholom Community Alliance

  • Design-Build Contractor: Prime General Contractors LLC

  • Industry: Assisted Living

  • Architect: Intertek


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