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About Data Centers


Data centers are not ordinary buildings. They must be secure and environmentally controlled. Therefore, companies need experienced builders who can ensure that all critical defenses and contingencies have been provided for and are in place. Early planning is key; the time to anticipate security and environmental issues is before the building is built. Prime General Contractors LLC has experience in building structures that can provide a truly secure environment for data.

Considerations specific to data centers include the following:

Storm and weather protection.

  • Wind loads of hurricane or tornado force

  • Day-to-day weather events

  • Watertight

  • Properly installed roofing systems

Blast protection:

  • Natural disasters, threats from war or terrorist attacks

  • For example, missile-proof design features are common elements in data center construction

24/7 power supply:

  • Redundant systems

  • Generator backup interfacing seamlessly with the main power supply

Climate control:

  • Mechanical systems accommodating tight tolerances for humidity and temperature

  • Aggressive fire suppression controls

Cable, electrical and mechanical systems:

  • Carefully protected cable trays and conduits as well as redundancy in fiber optic connectivity

  • Extensive coordination of mechanical and electrical trades

Clean environment:

  • Keeping the project area clean is essential due to the sensitive equipment found in data centers

Sustainability is a key factor in designing data centers. Not only do the facilities have a primary function that requires a significant amount of power, but their system redundancies and environmental controls add to the power load. Therefore, aggressive steps have been taken to incorporate green design features into data centers, and familiarity with these ever-evolving features is important for every member of the building team. Prime General Contractors LLC makes every effort to enhance the sustainability of their as-built structures.

Recent Data Center Projects:

  • Akron, Ohio: 26,400 square foot new construction

  • Duluth, Minnesota: 26,400 square foot new construction

  • Eden Prairie, Minnesota: 16,500 square foot new construction

  • Baton Rouge, Louisiana: 21,000 square foot remodel and addition to existing movie theater building

  • Duluth, Minnesota: 18,000 square foot addition to existing building


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